How to use a vibrating bullet?

The new star of the sextoys is undoubtedly the vibrating bullet, which is now popular with many people, but it is difficult to find faults because the sensations it gives are so intense, there are no restrictions with this sextoy, which is not necessarily used in the vagina, you can use it to stimulate all the areas of your body, you may well discover some sensitive points…

I'll tell you more about the The model choices on this comparator are based on the model choices of this vibrating eggs.

A very pleasant solitary pleasure thanks to the vibrating egg

If you want to indulge yourself alone, the vibrating bullet can help you take off very quickly.. In just a few minutes, orgasm and jouissance will be within reach. C If you want to stimulate your clitoris, I advise you not only to stick it against your clitoris, but to make light rotating movements with the vibrating egg with a high level of vibration, this technique works very well on me.

The advantage of this little egg is that it is discreet, you can take it anywhere and enjoy it discreetly whenever you want, it comes with a small remote control that allows you to activate it according to your desires and manage the level of vibrations, you can quite imagine putting the egg in your sex like a plug, no more touching it and do you good only by changing the strength of the vibrations.

The latter also have a very appreciable effect on the clitoris and the anal area, it is a different way to use this sextoy that you are not going to get tired of.

A pleasure for two, let the control escape you

By letting your partner use your toy's remote control, you give him the keys to your pleasure.. He or she can use it whenever he or she wants during your sex, to excite you during foreplay for example.

With Julien, you can imagine, since we take the time to create a site like this one, that we usually include sextoys in the preliminaries. I love it when Julien blindfolds me and my brain discovers the sextoy that I have never seen before. he chose when he came into contact with my sex.

Applied to the different parts of your body, the vibrating egg will gently move you up to maximum pleasure and you will no longer know where to nod. It is always a great idea to use this two-person sex toy, whether for a fast and powerful sex game or a long intense sex session, you can even discover new pleasures by coupling the vibrating bullet to anal penetration, as its size is relatively small, making it an ideal accessory for discovering penetration via the anus.

egg vibrant avec télécommande

With a remote control, a vibrating egg offers beautiful fantasies for couples…

Alone is good, two people is better, outside is good. !

The format of the vibrating egg makes it easy to use outside your home. Alone, you can operate the controller at any time, but if your partner owns it, the game becomes even more interesting: imagine your partner discreetly using the remote control while you are ordering from the restaurant…

The latter will be able to decide when the vibrations will start, whether you are in a restaurant, but also in a movie, in a store, or in the middle of a family meal… No other rules than those defined in advance, you no longer control anything, and it's enjoyable.

Of course, to have fun in complete discretion, choose a quiet model despite the vibrations. first at home. The Egg makes less noise when it is inserted into your vagina, so avoid putting it too much at the edges of your lips.

Penetrations or caresses with the vibrating egg ?

Thanks to its oval shape, the vibrating egg is a sextoy that offers you a quick and easy penetration. You do not need to you don't need to be very wet to be able to put it in your sex, so its use in this way is very common.

D other times, you can only use it outside the vagina, caressing your clitoris. All women know the effect of vibrations. L Since the egg is very small, its penetrations are, in any case, good as well as good. at first. After that, I I quickly want something bigger like a vibrator.

L It is also there to develop your sensations, it is possible to put it against your nipple if you are sensitive to it. It's not that simple gesture that will make you reach an orgasm, but it helps to develop your excitement.

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