How to clean your fleshlight?

If when I first bought sextoys, I didn't know how to clean them, it wouldn't be easy. is no longer the case today Today. I always take great care of them. C I have been masturbating with and with fleshlights for several years now. I was able to design a quick and efficient method to clean them in 5 minutes..

Wash after each use and store it properly

I can already hear you, the dirtiest gentlemen, thinking that there is no point in washing the fleshlight every time when you are not washing it. you didn't come in or you put a condom on… Yet you have to do it. You have necessarily emitted pre-seminal fluid or put lubricant in it and a lack of oxygen. maintenance could damage the texture, even develop fungi !

So take the reflex to wash within half an hour of masturbation, and for storage, I prefer to leave it in a storage bag delivered with the masturbation. This avoids the need to wash it before the use.

Use only lubricant based on water

Take lubricant based on water is the best choice since all the others will damage your fleshlight over time. It will be even faster if you don't take a quality model, so I invite you to consult my guide to buy a good fleshlight to choose a robust and, of course, pleasant sextoy for your penis..

The method to clean the fleshlight

An abundant rinse and the use of d a special "sextoy" cleaning lotion

After finishing, remove the sleeve from the housing (c is the pink silicone part) and rinse it in water. warm water (not too hot, l Extremely hot water can damage your Fleshlight) for a few minutes, to ensure that all sperm and lubricant are removed regularly., put a little cleaner specially designed for sextoys. A bottle costs less than 10€ and does about ten washes. applies it once every three uses approximately.

An optional step is to provide some isopropyl alcohol (70%/91% work better) and to keep one end of the Fleshlight closed, then to the other end. shake a little to disinfect the Nevertheless, I do not want to have only had to do it a few times, after testing original lubricants such as shaving foam or spread (yes, I likes to experiment!).

Drying the fleshlight

Now, it's time to is the boring part. Let your Fleshlight dry! C is where things go wrong because poor drying causes in the long term l wear of the silicone part. Take the time that it is necessary for the drying to be complete instead of hurrying. 

To speed up the drying process of fleshlight, there are several ways to do this. First, my favorite: find a thin, cylindrical object capable of Enter the fleshlight without damaging its shape. Surround it with a Squeeze the edges so that the paper is not the first one to absorb squat, then insert the cylinder into the sextoy. stagnant water flows at maximum on the In one minute, you save thirty drying times..

Another way is to simply pass a small dry and clean towel through the inside the fleshlight and d However, it is not possible to perform similar actions. is harder to clean the tip of the fleshlight properly like this, and if you take an old towel that makes pilling, you'll put a lot of it in it….

After a little drying, the interior, let it rest near a window sill or a window sill a fan for 30 to 60 minutes without the two plugs of a endpoint, and you can store it safely !

Powder coating of the fleshlight

This last step is optional, but highly recommended. will damage anything he comes from coming in and washing it all the time. There are powders that allow the flesh to keep its original softness, the one that is so pleasant when you put your penis in it.

After cleaning, sprinkle the sleeve with a layer of regenerating powder based on corn starches. I do it every two months or so. Since I have taken this habit during the maintenance of the sextoy, j noted a significant improvement in fleshlight quality over time.

The drying time is long, but the rest should take you 5 minutes, so take care of your fleshlight and I invite you to discover more about it. other male masturbators or beautiful vaginettes of By using less fleshlight, you will keep it longer.

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