Dorcel’s Satisfyer Men Vibration Masturbator Test

Do you want to I just tested (for the 5th time in 3 days!) Dorcel’s latest masturbator: the Satisfyer Men. thought about it.

Complete test of Dorcel’s Satisfyer Men masturbator

Features of the Satisfy Men Vibration

This sextoy is the latest addition to Dorcel’s range of men’s masturbators, officially approved by Rocco Siffredi, the Satisfyer has 14 vibration levels.

Totally made of silicone, it has an autonomy capable of lasting for about fifteen masturbations before being used. This is then done by USB cable.

I am stop there to avoid copying a product sheet. I know what you want: a real opinion on the Satisfyer Men !

Discovery of the male masturbator Satisfy

As always, j I received my masturbator in a discreet package that doesn’t mention Dorcel’s name. This is perfect if you do not have a You don’t want your postman to understand what you’re getting delivered or what you’re getting delivered. another person receives your mail.

The design of the box is elegant and when you use it, it is easy to use. open, c is even better. I find that the Satisfy n a pas l aspect of classic masturbators. Flora m even pointed out that it looked like a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottle….

masturbator satisfyer men de dorcel

The box contains an instruction manual. use and some safety instructions. the unit is heavy enough for a good grip and the exterior coating is soft enough.

The power keys between the vibrations are visible and easily reachable. I felt when I put my sex in it..

How to use this masturbator for men ?

As its name suggests, the The big difference with this model is that you don’t have to be a masturbator. you don’t have to make any movements. L inscription on the box says so and Rocco Siffredi confirms it “C is like a blowjob, but better!”.

Insert your penis into the masturbator, the hole is ergonomic and your sex is ergonomic. naturally inserts in the right place, where it receives the vibrations best.

masturbator satisfyer men de dorcel

Then turn on the masturbator. The first level of vibration is soft. It can be turned on. Then, with your fingers, increase the power, or rather, change the level..

Indeed, at the third level, the vibrations are very strong and you will naturally wonder how they could be even stronger… But, they are not stronger, but different., among the 14 modes, some simulate a strong suction followed by a soft moment, d others alternate power, some are short vibrations…

In short, it simulates the sensations of When your partner has your penis in his mouth, he doesn’t just make the same movements over and over again. It would be terribly robotic and boring. The Satisfyer Men does the same thing..

It is strongly recommended to alternate modes. Even if I don’t used only 5 times until now, I have already noticed two modes that I likes: strong and continuous vibrations and a repetition of long sucking.

The vibrations don’t make a lot of noise, but you can’t just masturbate in a movie theater and hope that the person behind you doesn’t On the other hand, the masturbator is totally waterproof (I know this for the trying in my bath this afternoon).

Qu did I think of Satisfying Men ?

Let’s tackle the subject that interests you the most: that did I think of Satisfying Men ? Let’s stop the suspense right away: c is a great success !

Taking control of the male masturbator

All d First, the sextoy is ergonomic, heavy and wide enough for you to hold it in your hand, it can even be left on your sex in case of a strong erection and it holds on by itself if you are lying down. I don’t have a huge sex (15 cm erect on my last measurement from the adolescence!).

It is easy to clean, just soak it in water. hot water and rinse it well. I advise you to Buy a real sextoy cleaner for impeccable hygiene. The keys are exactly where they should be. is easy to reach and does not break your pace.

Using the Satisfyer Men alone

A masturbator s most of the time uses it alone. I use it. so I tested it four times on my own.. The sensations in the glans are really close to those of a good oral sex. J likes to change modes several times at the beginning of masturbation, where the excitement rises, before fixing myself on stronger vibrations when I feel that the ejaculation n is not far away.

J I loved watching a blowjob scene while jerking off. The look of the actress combined with the sensations of the sextoy m have really brought the realism that we’re looking in this type of sextoy.

L ejaculation, for my part, is much longer than by masturbating with my hands. Then, the fact of to have come 5 times in 3 days did not didn’t stop me from finishing every time I used Satisfyer Men. C is to say the effectiveness of suction on sex.

Do not spend your time changing the vibration mode as it can end in great frustration. came when I came this close to coming, I went from from high intensity to low intensity….

If your glans are pressed against the top, the sensations are less, put your fingers in the masturbator, you will feel a recess at the end. is the area where your glans should land.

hole du womanizerPicture taken on DorcelStore because it is impossible to do better at home… C is that you put your sex here without forcing !

Masturbation in the bath is definitely to be tried. L Your penis is more glued to the penis. It is also possible to create this sensation with lubricant, but I don’t know what to do with it. I haven’t tried. It must also work in the shower..

The manufacturer advises you not to make any movements while the Satisfyer is on the move. I’m enough to take care of you. I’m enough of you. agreement with him. J I tried to come and go like you normally do with a fleshlight and it only spoils the vibrations. Let him do the job. He knows how to do it, and in a very good way. I’m normally a man who needs strong movements to come, but even if it’s not enough, I’m a man who needs strong movements to come. is your case, the vibrations will have a better effect if you don’t do it.

Use with Flora

Flora takes the same care to have me tested for sextoys that I take with her when I receive a little female toy. She’s a little frustrated by the fact that it does not has nothing to do if it is not is to put it on my sex and to put it on my sex. press vibration keys.

So we switched to an alternative mode: she was masturbating with her Wonamizer and I was using my Satisfyer Men. And now, gentlemen, it’s is the summit ! Seeing your partner (or your partner if you are gay and use, why not, two Satisfy) is really something to see. exciting. You don’t You don’t have to start with your ideas to continue the excitement. Everything is served on a platter…

Better yet, let your hands go on your partner’s body. My left hand on Flora’s breasts, the Another holding my sextoy and on his side, one stroking my testicles and the This scenario is one of your favorite practices during the preliminaries. I must confess that I was the first one to crack, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a chance to do it. This does not prevent us from continuing until to his Grail….

C is definitely a masturbation that we will do again soon.

My conclusion of the Satisfyer Men masturbator test

Need for a a person who doesn’t get paid like Rocco Siffredi to say good things about the sextoy? Well, believe me, it’s worth a detour. Your penis deserves the best, give it to it.

The masturbator will never replace the hand, but it brings something new: masturbation is long and more like oral sex.. All men like to get sucked, no ? This time, there is no there’s no need to wait for a partner agrees to do so or he does not there is no frustration because she withdraws before your jouissance. The blowjob with the masturbator is complete.

The vibration levels offer different feelings, a really great idea, it’s good to see that manufacturers are not just playing on the intensity, but also make variations in rhythm.

Its price is, in addition, really low. 50€ for unlimited oral sex, that is to say is given !

You want to know this feeling ? Here is a link that will allow you to receive it at home in less than a week. a week. Come back to me I am sure you will be as greedy as I am for the try in every way !

I want to come with my Satisfyer Men!

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