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L Vibrating egg, less known than the vibrator or dildo, is worth knowing. I discovered this sextoy only since I’ve been with Julien and I don’t regret it. You’re going to worship !

My Choice #1: Best Vibrating Heated Egg with Remote Control

This vibrating egg, all cute and discreet, heats up to a temperature of 40° C..  With this, you will feel soft and different sensations from what all the other sextoys can bring you. there are seven different vibration modes. my advice? start with the 2nd or 3rd and increase gradually. n remember that A successful masturbation is also a matter of rhythm. is revealed exquisite when I have respected this truth.

L Egg works with a remote control. Indeed, it would be inconvenient for you to change the mode on a sextoy already in your vagina or to cut your momentum while you stroke your clitoris with… There is a thread that allows you to Of course, with such a toy, you can have fun with your partner who decides on the settings by holding the remote control.

This wireless vibrating egg is ergonomic, my opinion is 100% positive, the shape is ideal for your vagina, dry or wet, j have been able to But its primary function is to come against your clitoris.. Vibrations and heat make you climb the curtain in minutes ! Being made of silicone, the egg does not cause any trace of friction or redness despite frequent masturbations.

A manual in French is provided and helps you to better understand how it works, but believe me, it does not. There’s nothing complicated about it. !

Selection of the best sextoy eggs

If my choice number 1 does not convince you, I will I have compiled a list of eggs sold on Amazon (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them:

We also sometimes order sextoys on Dorcel Store, the products are of high quality, the shipping is fast and once again, there is no indication on the packaging what it contains, here is a selection of vibrating eggs on their site:

How to use your vaginal egg until at the orgasm?

Don’t be mistaken for the small dimensions of your wireless vibrating egg! clitoral orgasm quickly. After a few uses, you will know the intensity, movement and speed necessary to make you enjoy your masturbation, then you can be inspired by these methods that I have tested:

  • BCBG method : dressed as a tailor and in a gourmet restaurant (any “formal” setting makes the business), take advantage of protection such as the tablecloth to insert the sextoy into your sex. Make sure before you it is silent and discreetly operate the remote control to have fun with the device. prohibition of This bravado in the face of the is memorable! The A vibrating egg in public has the merit of being a be easier to hide than a big dildo….
  • Preliminary methods : incorporate the sextoy into your relationship with your partner, it is easy for him to handle and accompanied by a cunnilingus, you will take great pleasure.
  • Anal method : use your sextoy as an anal vibrating egg. advantage ? Its size prevents pain during penetration. inconvenience? I find the sensations not very intense compared to a vibrator.
  • Surprise method: There are vibrating eggs that work with wifi, so give the keys to your pleasure to your partner or even a friend if you are at this level of experience. intimacy with her. She then decides when the sextoy s If you assume your slight perversion, it can be done at work, otherwise, such a surprise when you are at work. a classic evening on the couch is already excellent.
  • Soft method: what I appreciated with an egg, it is is its soft side. It does not is never in performance. Take it out without necessarily wanting to do it. have an orgasm and enjoy a On your bed or simply to offer yourself a moment of relaxation during the day, press the Egg against your clitoris and light it at low levels. At worst, you will be able to turn it on. At best, this snack will make you want to continue your masturbation with even more enthusiasm.

Why choose a wireless vibrating egg to masturbate ?

egg vibrant pour femmeIf the The vibrating egg has managed to find its place among the traditional sextoys, that is to say, among the traditional sextoys. is for several reasons:

  • Complete discretion with a small and versatile sextoy.
  • A low rate making the egg vibrating an object accessible to all.
  • A model not in performance that appeals to experienced women as well as younger women looking for a better quality of life. a first sextoy.
  • The hot moments for two it offers, in particular through the remote-controlled vibrating egg or l wifi vibrating egg.
  • The double effect: a light vaginal penetration thanks to a perfectly adapted shape or an intense rubbing of the clitoris.
  • Different levels giving you full control over your masturbation.
  • A sextoy much quieter than a vibrator.

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