best sextoys for couples

If you want to stop the routine or realize a fantasy? excellent idea! couple sextoys are part of our sex life, we like to use them, especially during foreplay. to help you choose yours, we have listed the best sextoys discovered and made different test pages !

Best erotic game for couples

What could be better than a naughty game to spice up your evenings? with Julien, we use it very often, it brings variety to bed and prolongs sex, and you can sometimes discover interesting ideas. is our case, whereas you can imagine that if we maintain a site like ours, it is because we have a website like ours. is because we do a lot (a lot and again, a lot) of sex every week !

This naughty game sold on Dorcel is very complete, with its game board, it is classy and looks like a real board game, it also contains some nice accessories like a whip, handcuffs and a little vibrator… Of course, this sextoy and the other sweets will be used in some challenges dictated by the game.

There are about sixty actions. C is enough for several hours of play and this is not enough. Receiving oral sex or cunnilingus at each part bothers you? It bothers me? would surprise !

The game n It is not trashy, but there are soft and hard pledges. Others, more intense. The rise in power is gradual in the game. You don’t have to. don’t start by inserting a sextoy into your sex when it’s not. However, after a few minutes of play, it is the first round. is less secure.

I sincerely believe that couples would benefit from having such games available, the sex is better and the various challenges also reinforce the closeness within the couple.

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Best BDSM Kit for torque… or more !

Domination and submission are two very powerful levers in bed. BDSM kits may be selling more and more, thanks in particular to erotic reading, but I don’t know if they are available in English or French. I didn’t wait for “50 nuances of Grey” to want to being tied up and abused by my darling !

This BDSM kit is an ideal first purchase for anyone who wants to have something to punish… There is a headband, a pair of handcuffs, a gag, a leash… You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to use them all, but having them within reach often makes you want to try them out..

The accessories are d excellent quality for the price. They don’t hurt. Indeed, if I likes to be tied up, I hate it when the handcuffs cut off my blood circulation or scratch me… Here, everything has been designed for a soft (or less soft) submission in the best possible setting.

You can/should combine this kit with other For those who like soft submission, play with the vibrator on the attached person, for harder, use the leash and penetrate the submissive with a belt bucket.

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Best belt dildo for couple

The belt bucket is a sextoy for 2 people to use, it is ideal for many things: the man discovers anal pleasure and the sensation of penetration, the woman dominates and realizes a fantasy…

This belt dildo is offered by Doc Johnson, a true specialist in the field. The harness is easy to put on and the multitude of dildos makes it easy to use. adapt to the With the smallest model, anal penetration is easy and therefore within the reach of all beginners..

The change of dildo is quick and you can therefore change the size of the dildo. penetrating object without breaking the rhythm of your lovemaking.

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