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The inflatable doll is the most famous sextoy, which is laughed at at bachelor parties, while the we dream, sometimes with shame, of try ultra-realistic models that look like real women. I don’t I never had the budget and the to put $1,000 in a sex doll. J However, I tried several inflatable toys, some of them with great pleasure…

My Choice n°1: Inflatable doll for women sitting down

*You can also buy this doll or find related models directly on the website of the manufacturer

This latex inflatable doll is an excellent model, the latex is of good quality and you will not see it flat as soon as you put yourself in a position where your body weight is pressing on the doll..

Lhe big advantage of this sex doll is to be able to move it as you wish thanks to these joints. This is not the case. There, if the doll’s original position is seated, you can put her in a doggy style and take her by pulling her hair, lying down with her back against the bed or on her stomach, on her side for a spoon position…

The doll has three holes: the mouth, the vagina and the vagina. anus. Don’t just focus on these classics. J loves m as much entertain with the doll’s hands, feet and breasts….

It has the size of d a real woman since it is 1.60 m long. This does not prevent him from tidying up easily after your masturbation. It is compact and discreet.

In short, for the price, this cheap inflatable doll is a real success.. It offers magnificent sensations, beautiful ejaculations and has a rather long life span. It is not worth the super realistic silicone models with a thousand balls, but who has this budget to put in a sextoy for men? I prefer to vary my accessories more…

Selection of the best sex dolls

If you don’t like my choice number one, I’ll I have compiled for you a list of dolls sold on Amazon (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with complete confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them:

We also sometimes order sextoys on Dorcel Store, the products are of high quality, the shipping is fast and once again, no clue on the packaging can guess what it contains, here is a selection of inflatable dolls on their website:

*The prices indicated have been updated on 23/07/2018. There may be a change since 😉 

My advice for masturbating with a doll

You are missing a ideas for using your silicone or latex sex doll, be sure to use a little bit of Come on, I’ll help you a little bit by giving you a list of situations that will lead you to to the enjoyment.

  • The classic/sentimental method: When you’re in need, treat your doll like a real woman. It’s not a problem. not to take him to a restaurant… but rather to the I would like to dress her, talk to her a little bit and undress her before making her feel good. In addition to sexual pleasure, this method can fill a lack of love. affection.
  • The fantasy method: Enjoy the benefits of Violence makes you dream? Rape her or fuck her with strength by making her feel like a woman. insulting, after tearing up his lingerie! No remember that it s is about a sex accessory and it doesn’t make you any more of a monster to take it that way, or at least not more than killing people in a video game…
  • The transfer method: Put a small X scene on your TV screen and turn your doll into an actress, repeat with her the positions you see on TV and try to imagine yourself with the real woman. The advantage of this technique is that it often allows you to alternate between the different holes of the doll, that you build up in excitement as the minutes go by and that you make the pleasure last a minimum..
  • The exhib method: I do not I’ve never done this method before, but on vacation in Cape Town. Agde, j saw a man come with his sex doll on the beach and take it in front of all the other naturists. J smiled in front of the stage, the applauded at the end of his performance but he clearly had the opportunity to be applauded. impression of appreciate it! I don’t However, dares to imagine the difficulties of maintenance of the doll afterwards, especially because of the grains of sand….
  • The three-way method: You fantasize about doing the Love with two women? take two luxury inflatable dolls and organize your threesome… If you are as likely as I am with Flora, your partner may also like it when you enter an inflatable doll in front of her…
  • The gay method: With a gay doll, the taboo can fall and the feeling of crossing a ban gives you an erection of a gay doll. hell. On my side, I once tried a trans inflatable doll and I I loved it. !

Use these tips or your imagination to create scenarios for The doll allows you to use many different positions, a real chance not just to jerk off, but to really do the job. sweetheart !

Why choose the inflatable doll among the sextoys ?

a visage de poupée gonflableThe doll’s face allows a personalization of this sexual partner.

Among the many sextoys on the market, the sex doll has serious advantages: if you are still hesitating to buy a silicone vagina for men, here is something to convince you:

  • The realism of a good inflatable doll of quality n a no d equivalent. Her little pussy is as good as the best fleshlights, but at the same time, there is the whole body that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. enter the whole universe.
  • The size of the inflatable doll is ideal for varying positions and feeling really heavy, when you hit your back, you feel resistance and this weight that hits your thighs and testicles greatly promotes the ejaculation.
  • Scenarios are easier to create with a sex doll, and with a simple bust, it’s complicated to start talking or simulating a drag. is entirely possible because you have a face.
  • A sextoy for men that stores easily, if the doll once inflated is 160 cm long, it becomes tiny when you deflate it, so it hides very well if you live with it. other people and guests will not come across it….
  • The different holes, the doll’s chest and other limbs avoid routine, alternate openings, places and positions, and you don’t have to worry about them. will never have the impression of always doing the same masturbation.
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