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What could be more erotic than a candle and massages? massage candles are as soft for your nostrils as they are painfully good for your skin when the wax is placed on your body. discover a selection of massage candles carefully chosen by Julien and me.

My Choice #1: YesforLov Scary Massage Candle

This Afflicting massage candle proposed by Yes For Love has everything you can look for for your delicious moments as a couple. natural oils, the candle quickly melts everything and offers abundant and warm wax, without being hot.

Designed specifically for massage, it is not designed to be used for massage. has nothing to do with the unpleasant material and embarrassing sensations caused by traditional candles, its fragrance is pleasant for the massaged, the masseur and the room.

The candle is 120 grams and its duration depends on your use. Burn it for a few minutes and pour on the back or any other part of the massage, take advantage of this wax and turn it on again only if you lack material for your caresses and touches.. With Julien, a candle gives us at least 5 or 6 massages and yet, we are not cheap on the dose.

As you can see in the photo, the The manufacturer offers you a sensual candle in every way to offer or simply to take out when you a romantic evening, she participates in the Its unpacking promises an intense moment, we love to alternate between massage candles and massage oils..

The first ones are warm, shivering and remain perfect for a slow and sensual massage with the hands. the oils moisturize the body, cool it (unless you take It is up to you to decide how you want to turn your intimate moment. !

Selection of the best candles for massage

If our choice number 1 does not convince you, we have compiled for you a list of the best candles sold on the Dorcel Store site (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with complete confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them:

*The prices indicated have been updated on 23/07/2018. There may be a change since 😉 

We also sometimes order sextoys on Amazon. is not specialized in this field, but the products are of high quality, the shipping is fast and once again, no clue on the packaging can be guessed what it contains… Here is a selection of heating candles on their site:

How to use the candle massage oil ?

The massage candle is always used… to give massages. What information, no? Where your imagination goes? expresses, c is in the different scenarios when you use your candle. Here are some that I likes to do with Julien  :

  • Romantic method: We do not use the candle only rarely suddenly during foreplay. It comes more like the end of the candle. a romantic evening and the beginning of a After a light meal as a couple, you want to do the same thing. Start with a slow massage with the candle wax before moving on to the foreplay.
  • Submitted method :  Candle wax is a classic of soft submission: tie your partner up, use some nice BDSM accessories and gently make your submissive suffer by pouring hot wax on him; for women, hot wax on the breasts is terribly good; for men, some, like Julien, like on the testicles; on the penis, especially on the glans, it can irritate the skin so I advise you against it.
  • Solo method with two people: What does the title of this method mean? with Julien, we like to masturbate side by side. C is exciting to do good for yourself alone, knowing that the person you we like to do it too. In this situation, put hot wax on her or her body or the body of the person you are caring for. other, while the other hand caresses your sex, is a good idea.

Why choose a massage candle ?

candle-massage-whiteIf you are still in doubt about the qualities of the massage candle, here are some arguments that should convince you:

  • The massage candle is erotic and romantic. It offers much more than just a simple accessory for sex. You offer each other tenderness that only the love can express.
  • L act of massage n is not sexual. C is therefore a deeper pleasure than simply stimulating the erogenous zones of your body. There is nothing to prevent us from gradually deviating towards the latter….
  • C is a perfect accessory for soft submission and to check that the pain is strongly related to sexual pleasure.
  • The candle perfumes your whole room. If silicone sextoys and lubricant, or simply the perspiration of your bodies, cause an unpleasant smell to soar when you come back to bed after showering, it is not enough. This is not the case with scented candles. On the contrary, it is not the case with scented candles. is soothing and you fall asleep faster.
  • The flavours, formats and brands are varied, and you will certainly find the ones you love. likes vanilla a lot, while Julien is more about fruity scents.
  • Massage candles are a perfect romantic gift. This is not the case. is not as direct as a sextoy, for people who may be shocked (we have long since gone beyond this stage!), and suggests intimate moments that the we look forward to hearing from you..
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