Best male sex toys

Gentlemen, want to come like never before? J I have compiled a list of my favorite sextoys for you, while Flora, my partner, has done the same for the female sextoys, in this list you have classics like the rarest masturbator like the anal plug.

Best artificial vagina: the Fleshlight molded on the sex of an actress X

The fleshlights have become a reference in sextoys for men: they are small, inexpensive, discreet… and they are simply enjoyable (the most relevant criterion in my opinion) ! among the five that I have tested, this model stands out clearly.

All d First, it is the replica of the vagina of a a porn actress. The one I I at home was molded as the sex of Katsuni, this actress of Asian origin terribly hot that ignited my Saturday nights at the The artificial vagina is tight and this is still the case despite several dozen masturbations with it. you will have magical sensations on your glans, as you were really taking a partner.

L idea that this vagina is Katsuni’s (d other actresses are available) regularly trots me in the mind and as you might expect, it only makes You can also play it classic by using your hands as a classic handjob, but I sincerely think that the attraction number one is to do pelvic movements for a different masturbation.

The sextoy is soft enough not to irritate your sex, but it is not a problem. That doesn’t mean it’s silk. alternate the times you take it dry and the times you take it dry. This moisture makes the movement more fluid and brings more energy to the movement. other sensations. To the the fleshlight is easy to wash and you can store it clean… until to your next impulse !

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Best male masturbator: the Tenga Flip

The fleshlight is nowadays today the masturbator most often used by men. It is very exciting to see real lip shapes and masturbate with them. This Tenga model is the best example of this.

Sober, it is discreet and you can easily store it in your closet, which is useful if your partner doesn’t know or doesn’t want you to have sextoys in the house.

The masturbator’s depth is 20 centimeters, an ideal size to be able to go deep and back (even if you are well mounted), in a masturbator, sensation is the determining criterion, this model succeeds in its task, it is soft and pleasant for your glans, without being too smooth, put a little lubricant in it if you want to have very fast and fluid movements.

There are two buttons to press on the sides of the masturbator to simulate pressures and aspirations. is perfect for jerking off because you can easily imagine yourself having sex with aspirations on your sex….

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Best inflatable doll

It is very hard to find good inflatable dolls that don’t cost a fortune, this latex model is a great accessory at a reasonable price. loves the fact that the doll is big. 160 cm tall, it has the size of a a real woman.

There are three holes on the sex doll. The narrow mouth is pleasant for your glans, but you will surely regret that it is only a few centimetres deep.

The doll has a long life span, the face, without being worthy of Jessica Alba, is rather well made for a doll of this style, you will love pulling her by the hair, just like looking her in the eye while imagining yourself another person, these sexual or sentimental delusions (he will not There’s no shame in having to make projections with a sextoy) are possible with a doll, but not with all intimate toys. !

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Best vagina d actress

As c is good to test vaginettes of actresses! It was the A vagina is a relatively simple object that is like a fleshlight. You get a tube and when you get it, you get it. open up, the sesame is waiting for you: the pussy of a pornographic actress !

The most exciting? The vagina is in line with the sex of the woman. Indeed, to design it, the manufacturer made a casting of the vagina, which means that With this pack of 3 vaginettes, you will have three different visuals and feelings that correspond to what you would see in front of your legs spread out. Anna Polina, Claire Castel or Yasmine’s. Personally, he does not it doesn’t take much more to get a sick erection and give everything I can have during my masturbation.

The vaginettes have to be other advantages such as low price, easy storage, easy cleaning, etc..

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Best vibrating cockring

The cockring is a small accessory that you put at the base of your sex, its first role is to offer you an erection of madness, it tightens your penis a little and therefore keeps the blood, which allows you to bandage longer and with more strength, don’t worry, it is totally painless..

This cockring model has another advantage that your partner will love: it is vibrating: when you activate the vibrations and you do the Flora, who didn’t know these sextoys at all before she met me, loves it a lot when I put one on.

Made of silicone, the cockring washes quickly and is a little stretchy, which does not require any special care. is not worse since all men do not They do not have the same penis size… For the vibrations, they work for two hours of in a row and one and a half hours of charging is enough to fill the battery.

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Best anal plug for men

Plugs are rarely in half measure: either you love them or you hate them, in any case, you have to try to know! was initially sceptical, and let’s face it, a little afraid of the idea of m insert something into the anus… This is not a is no longer the case today The prostate sensations bring something new to your enjoyment, even more so if the anal plug has lowered my barriers. ejaculation occurs while you have a plug between your buttocks.

This model is of high quality, a little heavy, it holds well in place, while the small handles ensure a quick grip, the shape is interesting, the different variations bring a greater pleasure during penetration, it is easy to use and it is easy to use. is about a vibrating anal plug and you will love to vary the levels of intensity, as well as the length of time you keep it in you.

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Best prostate stimulator

You don’t know the pleasures of the prostate yet? But what about Are you doing? Drop your penis a little to go to the dark side. J It took me a long time to find out. dare to try the anal, but the day I I did, I did appreciated it. Then, the day I tested my first prostate stimulator, I went to another world.

This model is ideal for this discovery or even for the experienced of the It has the perfect shape to stimulate the prostate area with each penetration. object n The pleasure is not big and remains easy to insert. is not in the amount of centimeters put between your buttocks, but in the quality of the product and your movements.

The stimulator is silent and exquisite vibrations are not present. are waiting for When masturbation is done properly, it is even possible that your sex will come while you are having sex. he’s at rest. C is destabilizing the first time, then after that, you seek to repeat that experience.

The shape of the stimulator makes it easier to hold, and during penetration, it touches the outside area between the anus and testicles to further strengthen the intensity of masturbation.

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Best dildo for men

Let’s continue in the male sextoys made for your anus. This dildo is not It has a small hole that allows you to penetrate it like a masturbator, rather tight, this hole offers a maximum of sensations on the glans of your penis while at the same time allowing you to feel the sensation. widening penetrations as a real anus does.

But if you’re looking for a male dildo, it’s a good idea. is the other side that interests you and there, you do not This realistic dildo looks like a real penis, the glans are well marked and when you first come and go, you feel this demarcation when it enters your buttocks, the silicone is soft and the penis is flexible enough to allow you to alternate positions during anal masturbation.

The grip is very practical since the base of the dildo is wide, so you have a perfect control of the movements.

I know that many straight men n don’t like realistic sextoys (when they are is about a penis). If c is your case, I invite you to look at the other dildos I have tested.

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