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Tired of always use your hand to jerk off? I also know these moments and it is why I'm doing this. took the If the Fleshlight, which is a brand, is the most famous masturbator, the competition is defending itself well. had the opportunity to test four men's masturbators over the last six months..

My Choice #1: The Tenga Flip Zero masturbator

This masturbator for men has a rather elegant style. It is not about finding a decoration accessory, it is about finding a decoration accessory. is always better to put your sex in a beautiful thing… Existing in black or grey, this male masturbator has a depth of 20 cm, which is sufficient for 99% of men

L The inside of the masturbator is great. It causes strong sensations. It is possible to add lubricant. Put a little, but not a ton either so that you always feel slight rubbing of your glans every time you go back and forth. When you have your penis in the masturbator, you can activate pressures or aspirations. It doesn't look like oral sex, but the Take the time to fully feel this air before you leave. to accelerate the movement to come. Of course., l The inlet is a little tighter so that each penetration is a little tighter. which appears to be a kidney blow in a vagina….

It is a is about a top-of-the-range masturbator that can accompany your evenings for many months. The quality is there. To clean it, open it. It takes a few seconds. C is really great for the hygiene and this is not the case. This is not the case for all silicone masturbators that the there are on the market.

Please note that I recently tested Dorcel's new masturbator: the Satisfyer Men, find a complete test (more than 1500 words!) on: Dorcel Satisfyer Men's masturbator test.

Selection of the best masturbators for men

If my choice number 1 does not convince you, I will I have compiled for you a list of the best masturbators for men on Amazon (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with complete confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them… There is everything, from realistic, vibrant, cheap masturbator…:

We also sometimes order sextoys on Dorcel Store, the products are of high quality, the shipping is fast and once again, no clue on the packaging can guess what it contains, here is a selection of male masturbators on their site:

How to use a masturbator ?

There is no There is no need for two hours to find out how to masturbate with this male sextoy, but it would be a shame to limit yourself to the classic solo pleasure of masturbating with this male sextoy. Lie on the bed or do it on his desk in front of a movie, spice up your sex life to enjoy it more forcefully… Here are some scenarios that I I tried:

  • True vagina method:  Turn your masturbator into a real vagina by trapping it between two cushions or other supports that manage to stay fixed and penetrate it by making the movements with the pelvis. The efforts are the same as when you are with a woman, it is possible to vary the position and do the same standing up by blocking the masturbator of a woman. a hand on a table and take it. ejaculation takes time, but it takes time. is precisely what is so good… This technique is also very good with a real vagina.
  • Car method: J I like to masturbate by car, I park in a corner where I have access to a a good view and where no one can surprise me (ex: end of parking) and I do myself good by watching the most beautiful women passing by. advantage of doing this with a masturbator, that is, with a masturbator. is that when you drop the purée, you can keep your eyes straight because everything happens in the sextoy… No need to struggle with a handkerchief or s to put it all over the place….
  • Lubricant replacement method: The lubricant has virtues and makes it possible to use the masturbator easily and without irritating your sex. But, as I likes change, I don't do not hesitate to replace it with another product. J recently tested the shaving gel. C is really good to feel the gel becoming foamy with movement and the sensation on the glans is unique. the masturbator washes easily, the cleaning period afterwards is short.
  • Dual method: J The combination of the two sextoys creates unique thrill combinations ! life is short so it's as much fun as it is trying out everything that it is possible to test !

Why choose a reciprocating masturbator for men ?

masturbator pour hommeIf after discovering the products and ideas that go with them, you do not still not have an incipient erection n Come on, I'm throwing my last forces into the battle by listing the advantages of these intimate toys:

  • The masturbator for men is a cheap sextoy.
  • The sensations experienced are very similar to those of a a real report.
  • A masturbator can be easily stored (and hidden) given its size.
  • The positions and movements are very varied: your hand or body makes the effort, standing, sitting or lying down…
  • A practical sextoy to masturbate in public and everywhere (be careful not to do anything wrong with it). exhibitionism!). Last time, I I dropped the jeans in a cabin of a fitting and hop, in five minutes, I had given everything I had given had….
  • Very simple cleaning, much more than artificial vaginas or inflatable dolls.
  • Delicious sucks and aspirations that extend the duration of the pleasure.
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