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A Fleshlight is a replica of a vagina, this discreet male sextoy has many advantages that I will be discussed below on this page. Thanks to this (hard and exciting) work, I can advise you to choose your fleshlight and tell you which one deserves to be considered. be your artificial vagina.

My Choice #1: Fleshlight Masturbator Replica Sex Replica actresses

This official Fleshlight vagina is a special line with more than about ten models. Each Fleshlight is the moulding of the vagina of a a famous actress Katsuni, Angela White, Asa Akira, Nikki Benz, Tera Patrick… J took Katsuni because she always brings back memories of my first X-films and teenage masturbations !

I find it very exciting and if you also combine use of Fleshlight with a video scene from the actress concerned, your masturbation will come as close as possible to a I can tell you that several times, instead of just masturbating with a sextoy, I gave the best of myself to Katsuni.

Visually, this masturbator is a great success, some fleshlights are “false” and it is not a success. is not the case for this one. The sextoy has the color of the skin, a touch that is in approach and the features so specific to the female gender and unique to the partner can be seen on each model.

The sensations of Fleshlight are delicious on your penis, it is neither too hard, which would tend to irritate the skin of your glans, nor too soft. At the same time, the opening has the necessary resistance for maximum sexual sensations. really had the impression of meeting a tight vagina, even better than with a vagina, as with the first penetrations during a Even if you have a relatively small sex, you will have resistance.

Incidentally, this vagina is small in size and can be easily stored in a drawer, but it remains a little heavy, which I loves it because it maximizes the sensations and guarantees a certain stability when moving back and forth. It cleans itself and s is easily maintained after the ejaculation.

Selection of the best fleshlights

If you don’t like my choice number one, I’ll I have compiled for you a list of fleshlights sold on Amazon (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with complete confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them:

We also sometimes order sextoys on Dorcel Store, the products are of high quality, the shipping is fast and once again, no clue on the packaging can guess what it contains, here is a selection of fleshlights on their website:

My advice for masturbating with a fleshlight

You are missing a ideas to use this Fleshlight, show proof of a little bit of Come on, I’ll help you a little by giving you a list of situations that I think are conducive to the use of Fleshlight:

  • The realistic method: As already mentioned, the best for the realistic fleshlight (superskin material) put forward is to watch a film of the concerned actress and d to have the impression of taking it instead of the This method is also very good with a sucking mouth that offers sucking.
  • The solo method: As I am faithful to Flora (we practice the swinging but always in the presence of the other), j sometimes brings a fleshlight when I’m on business trips.
  • The voyeuristic method: I jerk off in this artificial vagina looking at this artificial vagina. others do the I love it when I am in a libertine club or by observing magnificent creatures from my window (long live the summer and short skirts or necklines appreciable from the 1st floor).
  • The exhibitionist method: masturbate with it in the car. Be careful with the use of fleshlight in public because the sexual exhibition is prohibited and punished by law….
  • The sentimental method: I put on a nice music, go into my thoughts and m If you’ve already filmed your sex, turn on the film and the sound will make the difference… When you manage to get away in your thoughts, you transform this artificial vagina into something very strong that a simple sextoy.

Use these tips or your imagination to create scenarios for exception for your masturbations !

Why choose fleshlight among sextoys ?

fleshlight réalisteDon’t tell me you’re not you don’t want to put your penis in the middle of an erection in this hole ?!

Among the many sextoys on the market, the fleshlight has serious advantages: if you are still hesitating to buy a silicone vagina for men, here is something to convince you:

  • The fleshlight is a terribly realistic vagina for a sextoy.
  • Easy and discreet storage even if you live with your parents or are in a couple where sextoys and male masturbation are taboo.
  • Silicone provides very pleasant sensations on your sex and makes it a sextoy with effects close to those of a sex toy. a real sexual relationship until at the The fake vagina is tight like a little woman’s pussy, your penetration is soothing.
  • The price of a fleshlight is reasonable, so it is accessible to all budgets (easy pun!) and is an excellent first masturbator, especially for virgins who want to feel something close to what they will feel the first time.
  • There are many uses: either you make the movements with your hand as if you were jerking off or you make the movements with your pelvis as if you were taking a girl… You can put your fleshlight on a bed, in height, vary the sexual positions…
  • It is a brings everywhere for ever stronger experiences (masturbation in a store, cinema, public place…) or to overcome loneliness).
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