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Ladies, want to come like never before? J I have made for you a selection of my best sextoys for women in the hope that it will help you find your future masturbation companions, Julien has done the same with male sextoys, from vibrator to Geisha balls, you now have the key to your pleasure !

Best vibrator for women: the Lelo !

The vibrator is women’s favorite sextoy. When you have little knowledge, it’s important to know how to use it. is often the one who comes first to the This Lelo vibrator has several undeniable advantages.

All d accessibility, it succeeds in acting on the area of the G-spot thanks to the part of the glans that rises a little. Without any particular action on your part, each penetration of the sextoy rubs this erogenous zone, the vibrations, divided into seven modes, are the icing on the cake (or the scream on your moans!) Activate them during penetration, but also by sticking the vibrator on your clitoris. the effects are guaranteed. by doing so, j reach the orgasm regularly with the Lelo vibrator.

The size of the vibrator is standard: big enough to feel every movement, and not big enough to make penetration difficult, in case you still have a little trouble, take a tube of extra lubricant or moisten it, another solution is to caress your clitoris, d gently stick a finger into your sex and when you get wet enough, to penetrate with the vibrator.

Another positive point is that c is a silent vibrator. The vibrations emit a low noise. I find that the absence of noise helps to achieve the orgasm by facilitating the awakening of the other senses and in case you want to use this sextoy in a public place or in secret, that is, if you want to use it in a public place or in secret. is always better not to shake at every noise….

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Best clitoral stimulator: the Womanizer

Clitoral stimulators are complementary to vibrators, when the latter have a phallic shape that allows the insertion of the object in the vagina, the real clitoral stimulator focuses only on its action on the clitoris. The most famous is the “wall” stimulator, but d others like the Womanizer do more than just make their mark.

J ai d d I have also carried out a complete test of the product so much I have tested it. I loved it. He loved me. has given an orgasm every time I get There are two modes: the manual and the With the first one, you choose the speed of the waves sent to your clitoris by pressing buttons. The second one is a real laisser-aller. You do not have to have only to to put your clitoris inside the tip of the Womanizer, then you let the sextoy do his job. C is a real sexual partner.

L orgasm is intense at the time of the orgasm. I can only recommend it to you. !

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Best dildo: a fabulous glass model

There is no there is nothing simpler in sextoys than the dildo, but this penetration object has many variations in shape, size or style: large dildo, mini, realistic, silicone… The model I prefer is this glass dildo.

Let’s start with the aesthetic criteria. Pink and glass, this sextoy is both beautiful and modern while retaining a little realism. Once again, you will love that the tip is a little raised, still in the idea to rub your G spot during masturbation.

Better, both parts are suitable to enter your vagina. The other side is a striated part. It offers you very different sensations. use this part gently, you will feel the pimples and climb the curtain. When you are tired of the slowness, change sides and speed up the dildo’s movements.

This women’s dildo has a good weight, it measures about twenty centimetres, which allows you to put about ten centimetres in your sex while holding it firmly in place..

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Best vibrating egg: warm up with pleasure !

The proverb says “we don’t make omelette without breaking the eggs”… I prefer “you can’t jerk off without stroking yourself with vibrating eggs” ! sorry for the vulgarity, but I’m proud of my pun.

Vibrating eggs are the sextoys that you need if you dream during the day by imagining vibrations on your clitoris and gentle penetrations. The real function of the Vibrating egg is to caress your clit, but its shape allows easy penetration even when not very wet. is also a practical intimate toy for foreplay.

This egg has an original and desirable functionality: it heats up and reaches a temperature of 40° C.. When he touches you, you have the feeling of feeling the warmth of another human body, The different vibrations are set at the same time as the sextoys are cold or give the impression of plastic. help d a remote control.

Switch to a level at the With this object against your clitoris, you will have fun, I can make you feel the intensity increase. insure !

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Best Geisha balls: Goliate !

Geisha balls are known female sextoys, but how many women really know how it works? are several small balls connected to each other, which you insert into your vagina. The key to a pleasant masturbation with these balls is to Take it easy to feel the right way. effect of each ball entering or leaving.

Goliate’s electric Geisha balls have additional vibrations. This is not the case. This is not always the case on these sextoys and you will see that c Vibrations bring new sensations to the lips of your sex..

It should not be forgotten that Chinese balls are recommended to strengthen the perineum, so sometimes contract your sex when the balls come out, which gives you more pleasure…

The size of the sextoy is smaller compared to d others that can frighten beginners or women who are in a little pain as soon as they They put a finger in the vagina. Penetration is natural. No effort or stress is required. intervenes even if you have the impression that your level of excitement is low and you don’t get wet.

J likes to use these balls to spend a relaxed time and enjoy my pleasure. If I feel like I’m need more movements, I give them up in favour of a new one. a vibrator for fast and deep comings and goings.

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Best vaginal stimulator

A vaginal stimulator seeks to optimize, by its shape, its action on the G spot area. This Goliate product does it perfectly. it is possible to use the Use on both sides: one is larger, while the second is more elevated for better vaginal stimulation.

It also has access to a vibration system. You don’t find this feature on all stimulators, but you will be happy to use it. to have some on this sextoy. I would nevertheless advise you not to want everything too quickly.. A good vaginal orgasm takes time and requires a long and fast stimulation. Start masturbating gently while being at the If you want to have your first vaginal orgasm, buying this product greatly increases your chances of success. !

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