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What could be better than A good massage to start the foreplay? with a massage oil, movements are more fluid, sensations are maximized, while the pleasant scents penetrate your nostrils… Here are some erotic oils that we strongly recommend you.

My Choice #1: Cherry Aphrodisiac Oil

Shunga brand oils are among the most popular in sex shops, and the manufacturer knows exactly what you need to spice up your relationships.

To start with, you will love the warmth of the massage oil. This is not the case. It’s not like a cream that you put on your back and freezes you, where the pleasure is continuous, and your partner can put it in your back without you shivering, in summer or winter., the cherry scent is well balanced. She did not is not too strong and you do not have to You don’t have the impression of choking that you sometimes feel with d There, you even enjoy feeling it on your sheets when you leave the shower and fall asleep, reminiscing about the delicious moment that comes with it. is unrolled in the bed a few minutes earlier.

This cherry aphrodisiac oil is edible. Yes, you have the right to lick your girlfriend’s breasts, to lick them. to put on your man’s sex for a fluid and exquisite blowjob….

The bottle is 100 ml, which allows several uses even for those who have their hands on the dosage. You will see, you will not be able to add as you go along. you don’t need a to put a lot of it in because l oil s spreads well over the body without s evaporate.

It is delivered in a varnished case, so you can easily store it after use. is also a great gift for your partner or loved ones. oil, unlike a vibrator that immediately reminds you of sex, remains erotic.

All naughty people should have one or more oils (several, c is better to vary according to the With Flora, we have this one, the one with chocolate and one last one with oil d Vegetable almonds are generally used for romantic romps, which begin with a good evening together and end with a desire for intense sharing leading to mutual enjoyment..

Selection of the best erotic oils

If our choice number 1 does not convince you, we have compiled a list of the best aphrodisiac oils sold on the Dorcel Store site (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with complete confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them:

*The prices indicated have been updated on 23/07/2018. There may be a change since 😉 

How to use an erotic oil ?

L Erotic oil is a perfect “starter” before making the love. However, it does not there is no single solution to start with… Here are several scenarios that Flora and I love with massage oils:

  • Gourmet method: Some “gourmet” oils are edible, so forget it. idea of whipped cream on the breasts (your partner will quickly get sick of this liquid) and put some Alternate caresses, knees, kisses and even licks, enough to stir up the emotions of any man or woman… This oil can be applied anywhere..
  • Method of caresses that deviates: C You start with a simple relaxing massage of the back or feet, then as you go along, the caresses become more and more sensual. linger on the chest / torso, then slip between the thighs touching the sex, before grasping it / penetrating it. at this stage, both partners are already in great excitement and they only ask One thing: move on to serious things… The caresses may not immediately lead to penetration, but to the first step. One hand continuing to massage the thighs, the other hand continuing to massage the thighs, the other hand using sextoys. another holding a dildo approaching the woman’s sex….
  • Hand-less method:  The massage and the What if instead of this part of the body, you caress your half with something else? It can be accessories like a flower or, for the villains, an ice cube. Otherwise, do it with your body. For you gentlemen, your sex may be felt, but it’s not like that. is better when it’s muscular areas like your pecs that do the work..
  • Fluid sex method: Aphrodisiac oils are use in foreplay, but also without. Thus, with the two oiled bodies, you feel like a real fluidity between the two bodies. As a missionary, your body slips on that of your partner. so don’t hesitate to try it without going through a massage first.

Why choose an erotic oil ?

Oil Aphrodisiaque Cerise 100 mlDo you doubt that erotic oils are for you? Here is something to convince you definitively:

  • Oils for couples smell good. These are not greasy liquids that stick to your hands and smell like frying, far from it… As you can see in our product suggestions on DorcelStore, you have aromas of chocolate, cherry, mint…
  • C is the perfect accessory for men to finally enjoy foreplay ! He gets a huge kick out of massaging you knowing that sooner or later he will own this body. for the woman, it feels good to see her boyfriend take the time and enjoy your body.
  • The sensations are strong. The movements being fluid, all the caresses are different. In the back, they are soft. Used to masturbate the man, the gestures are fast while the On the woman’s breasts, there is no need to use it. there are no sudden sensations, the partner’s caresses are pleasant, but when he grabs the chest in his hands.
  • They are not only used for to do the You have back pain, use these massage oils and the comfort will be even better.
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