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A young couple based in the Toronto, we have been together for 4 years now, and over the years we have given ourselves without taboos to achieve maximum sexual fulfillment. This site aims to help you to live your sexuality better. With us, this involves moments with two or only one person, with or without sextoys, and by using them, we have developed a small expertise in the subject and would like to share it with you.

Presentation of Julien

picture de julienThis is what you can’t see in the picture, it’s a is the consequences of the water which was at 16°….

Freshly thirty years old, I am a great sports enthusiast, especially triathlon, my first sextoys date back to my teenage years when I was looking to feel sensations close to a real sexual relationship while I was still a virgin.

Then, I’m sure all the guys who read will understand me, I hid them because my different girlfriends would have taken the presence of these intimate toys as an attack. Every time I approached the subject, whether to enjoy it alone or in pairs, they looked at me as an obsessed person when I am sure that they fantasize today today on 50 Nuances of Grey….

Flora is not that kind of woman. She understands that a man can have fun alone and she is never against the arrival of a new sextoy at home to spice up our parties..

Thank you for reading us friends,


Presentation of Flora

Photo de FloraThere’s nothing like red lingerie to turn a man into a bull 😀

Younger than Julien, I only go on my 24th birthday, but every day I work as a saleswoman in a “classic” lingerie boutique, unlike Julien, I prefer SPA and massage sessions to the torture of the jogging sessions that he requires !

From 16 to 20 years old, I had a “precarious” sexuality, I only knew two rather clumsy and shy boys in bed, and I even wondered how sex, which seemed so appreciated, could be so unintentional. I started masturbating at that time.

When I met Julien, everything changed, I finally felt liberated and I’m never afraid to express my desires: “soft” or “raw” sex, positions that vary, public places, discovery of swinging, the routine is not yet established and I hope it will never be so.

My intimate little toys serve me when Julien is away or in front of him to excite him as much as possible, or when we make love. !

Naughty kisses and have fun,


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