NLMMHL IceJam Recap


Here is a recap of how the NLMMHL teams faired at the East Coast IceJam this past week in Halifax, N.S.

Wednesday, Jan. 7

RNS Riverhawks 4 at St. John’s Privateers 2

GS: RNS: Brendan Bornstein (Andrew Murphy, Derek Gentile) PP; Derek Gentile (Keenan MacIsaac) PP; Samuel LeBlanc (Derek Gentile) PP; Devin Sceles (unassisted) SH

St. John’s: Brandon Lucas (unassisted); Colin Chafe (Joel Bishop, Adam Nolan) PP

Period Scores: after 1st 0-0; after 2nd St. John’s 1-0

Goaltenders: RNS – Luke Bhatia; St. John’s – Chris Smith

Dartmouth Gladiators 3 at Western Kings 3

Dartmouth: Morgan Barron (Parks, Berger); Aaron Parks (McLeod, Kirby); Johnny Foley (MacDonald) SH

Western: Mateo Short (unassisted) SH; Jalen Gillard (Gillam, Griffin-Hefford) PP; Michael Lundrigan (Gillam) PP

Period Scores: after 1st Dartmouth 1-0; after 2nd Dartmouth 3-0

Goaltenders: Dartmouth Aaron Mantle; Western – Luke House

Tri-Pen Osprey 2 at Halifax McDonalds 4

Tri-Pen: Conal McNamara (Duffett); Nathanial Duffett (McNamara, Petten) PP; Cameron Simms (McNamara) PP

Halifax: Keegan Gauthier (Greant, Cameron) PP; Bradley Shaw (Bowers, Dachyshyn); Doug D’Arnall (Bowers); Barrett Dachyshyn (Shaw) SH

Period Scores: after 1st Tri-Pen 1-0; after 2nd Halifax 2-1

Goaltenders: Tri-Pen – Brent Hatfield; Halifax – Matt Welsh

St. John’s Maple Leafs 2 at Kensington Wild 3

St. John’s: Tyler Hennessey (Dylan Guy, Smith) PP; Matthew Smith (Guy) PP

Kensington: Chase Gallant (Ronahan, Morrison); Logan Toole (Pinksen, Chaisson); Chase Gallant (Morrison, Taylor)

Period Scores: after 1st Kensington 1-0; after 2nd Kensington 2-1

Goaltenders: Kensington – Cameron Visser; St. John’s – Zachary Gauvreau

Valley Wildcats 5 at Central Icepak 2

Valley: Cole Rafuse (Riley); Ryan Parker (Hughes); Josh MacMillan (Riley); Drake Batherson (Dill); Cody Burghardt (Chasse) SH EN

Central: Hunter Budgell (Broaders); Noah Kelly (Champion, Mercer)

Period Scores: after 1st 1-1; after 2nd 1-1

Goaltenders: Valley – Luke Emin; Central – Curtis Barrett


Thursday Jan. 8, 2015

St. John’s Privateers 4 at Pictou Co. Weeks 2

St. John’s: Max French (Bishop, Chafe) PP; Joel Bishop (French, Chafe); Max French (Chafe)

Pictou Co: Caelan Blaikie (MacLennan); Blair Dewtie (Murray, Warner) PP

Period Scores: after 1st St. John’s 1-0; after 2nd St. Johns – 2-1

Goaltenders:St. John’s – Chris Smith; Pictou Co. – Jack Lynds

Tri-Pen Osprey 1 at Valley Wildcats 3

Tri-Pen: Ethan Street (McNamara)

Valley: Mitchell Rankin (Rafuse); Tanner Forrest (Parker, Hughes); Ryan Parker (unassisted)

Period Scores: after 1st Valley 2-0; after 2nd Valley 3-1

Goaltenders: Tri-Pen – Riley Akerman; Valley – Brendan Cregan

Western Kings 1 at South Shore Mustangs 4

Western: Jalen Gillard

South Shore: Hunter Hurlburt (Barron) PP; Travis Parks (unassisted); Matt Barron (d’Entremont, O’Toole); Morgan Lunn (d’entremont)

Period Scores: after 1st Western 1-0; after 2nd 1-1

Goaltenders: Western – Ian Woolfrey; South Shore – Colby Muise

Central Ice Pak 0 at Cape Breton West Islanders 4

Central: no scoring

CB West: Devin MacLaughlin (unassisted); Devin MacLaughlin (Kennedy); Declan Smith (unassisted) SH; Avery Warner (MacLaughlin, bonaparte)

Period Scores: after 1st CB West 2-0; after 2nd CB West 3-0

Goaltenders: Central – Noah Weir; CB West – Levi Denny

St. John’s Maple Leafs 2 at Ottawa 67s 4

St. John’s: Dylan Guy (unassisted); Andrew Barron (McGrath, Thompson)

Ottawa: Misha Ventura (unassisted); Owen Semanyk (Giordano, McCrank) PP: Taylor Massie (Buck, Dempster); Geoff Dempster (Buck)

Period Scores: after 1st 1-1; after 2nd 2-2

Goaltenders: St John’s – Zachary Gauvreau; Ottawa – Seth Carter
Charlottetown Islanders 3 at St. John’s Privateers 3

Charlottetownb: Jordan McCabe (Hambly, Cormier); Kallum Muirhead (MacMillan, Jenkins); Shawn Corney (Grenier, Hambly)

St. John’s: Max French (Chafe, Lucas) PP; Pierce Halliday (Connors, O’Leary) SH; Joel Bishop (Chafe)

Period Scores: after 1st 1-1; after 2nd St. John’s 3-2

Goaltenders: Charlottetown – Nolan McGuigan; St. John’s – Chris Kirkham.

Friday Jan. 9, 2015

Cape Breton West Islanders 6 at Tri-Pen Osprey 3

CB West: Randon MacKinnon (MacLellan); Alex Bonaparte (MacKinnon, Morgan) PP; Declan Smith (Warner, MacDougall) PP; Randon MacKinnon (Morgan, MacLaughlin) PP; Connor Fraser (MacKinnon) SH; Matthew MacNeil (unassisted)

Tri-Pen: Ethan Street (McNamara); Reilly Deering (Warren); Ryan Dawson (Simms) PP

Period Scores: after 1st Tri-Pen 2-0; after 2nd Tri-Pen 2-1

Goaltenders: CB West – Daniel Liengme; Tri-Pen – Riley Akerman
Cape Breton Tradesmen 1 at St. John’s Maple Leafs 4

Cape Breton: Dylan Morley (Struthers)

Cape Breton: Evan White (McGrath, Barron); Andrew Barron (Thompson, Hennessey); Andrew Barron (Thompson) SH; Nathan Kenny (Langmead,Thompson)

Period Scores: after 1st St. John’s 2-0; after 2nd St. John’s 3-0

Goaltenders: Cape Breton – Cody Smith; St. John’s – Mackenzie Janes
Miramichi Rivermen 3 at St. John’s Privateers 2

Miramichi: Tristan Young (Augustine, Ferron); Tristan Young (Foulem) SH; Brandon Hache (Ferron, Foulem) PP

St. John’s: Nathan Whitten (unassisted); Max French (Nolan)

Period Scores: after 1st 1-1; after 2nd 2-2

Goaltenders: Miramichi – Tanner Somers; St. John’s – Chris Smith

Halifax McDonalds 5 at Central IcePak 1

Halifax: Barrett Dachyshyn (Shaw, Orman); Jack Cameron (Drohan, Hickey); Shane Bowers (Dachyshyn, Webb); Peter Drohan (Orman); Shane Bowers (Webb)

Central: Nick Fitzgerald (Winter, Lush)

Period Scores: after 1st 1-1; after 2nd Halifax 2-1

Goaltenders: Halifax – Matt Welsh; Central – Noah Weir

Cole Harbour Wofpack 4 at Western Kings 1

Cole Harbour: Nicholas McFarlane (Maillet, Welsh) PP; Aaron Maillet (Martell, Arab); Alex Arab (Miller, Peveril) PP; Nick Cullen (unassisted)

Western: Brady Grffen-Hefford (Childs)

Period Scores: after 1st Cole Harbour 1-0; after 2nd Cole Harbour 2-1

Goaltenders: Cole Harbour – Ryan Huestis; Western – Luke House


Playoffs (Saturday Jan. 10, 2015)

St. John’s Privateers 1 at Cole Harbour Wolfpack 3

St. John’s: Colin Chafe (O’Leary)

Cole Harbour: Matthew Berrigan (McFarlane, Whebby); Alex Arab (Welsh, Miller) PP; Aaron Maillet (Arab, Martell)

Period Scores: after 1st Cole Harbour 2-0; after 2nd Cole Harbour 3-1

Goaltenders: St. John’s – Chris Smith; Cole Harbour – Ryan Huestis
St. John’s Maple Leafs 2 at Valley Wildcats 4

St. John’s: Cody Langmead (MacKenzie, Kenny); Daniel Rice (Hennessey, Guy) PP

Valley: Drake Batherson (MacQuarrie, Gough) PP; Eli Hughes (*Forrest, Parker); Josh MacMillan (Rafuse, Riley); Josh MacMillan (Riley, Rafuse)

Period Scores: after 1st St. John’s 1-0; after 2nd Valley 3-2

Goaltenders: St. John’s – MacKenzie Janes; Valley – Brendan Cregan


The Regular Season continues this weekend, with the Year-End Showcase that will take place in Corner Brook.