Battle of the National Capital Region


This weekend was the Battle of the national capital between the Gatineau Olympiques and the Ottawa 67’s. The first game took place in Rockland, and promised to be high in intensity and it did not disappoint. The Olympiques were missing 5 of their regular players that were attending NHL rooie camps, the players were; Émile Poirier (Calgary), Taylor Burke (Phoenix), Vincent Dunn (Ottawa), Martin Reway (Montréal) and Mickael Beauregard (Boston). The Ottawa 67’s were missing two players because NHL camps; Sean Monahan (Calgary) and Cody Ceci (Ottawa) The first battle was dominated by the Olympiques by they were greeted by wall named Jacob Blair. Gatineau lead the shot 34-13 but still ended up losing 4-1. The 67’s goals were scored by Jake Middleton, Andrew Abou-Aslay (2) and Tyler Hill. Gatineau’s only goal was scored by over-ager Marc-Olivier Brouillard. The game was very high in intensity including 2 fights and numerous bone rattling hits. The two fights opposed Pascal Aquin vs Connor Brown and Steven Johnston vs Branden Bell.

*writer’s note: Since this game was in Rockland, Ontario, the OHL rules were in effect which means that if you get into a fight, you are automatically kicked out of the game. This rule only applies if there is not instigator penalty given

The second battle was  due to take place the next day I Gatineau. The fighting rule was no longer in effect as they were using the QMJHL’s rules. The game was once again dominated by the Olympiques but yet again, there was faced with another wall named Clint Windsor. Gatineau out shot the 67’s 33-24 but managed to lose the game 4-1. This game was even higher in jaw dropping body checks, the 67’s bigger players really came ready to battle. There was one scrap that broke out between Derek Sheppard and Taylor Davis. Had the Olympiques have access to all their players, the Olympiques could of easily won both battles. The 67’s goals were scored by Brett Gustavsen, Tyler Hill, Ryan VanStralen and Branden Bell while the Olympiques only goal was scored by Simon Tardif-Richard.