Update on Denis Kamaev and the Sherbrooke Phoenix’s plan for the Import draft.



I had a talk Sunday with the GM of the Sherbrooke Phoenix, Mr. Patrick Charbonneau. He explained me all the Denis Kamaev case and here’s what really happened.

First of all, at the end of last season, Kamaev and his agent told the team that they wanted to come back next year and that he really liked the city. When he arrived in Sherbrooke, Kamaev was put in a russian-speaking family in Sherbrooke and he really felt like home there.

Then, about a month ago, Kamaev’s agent called Charbonneau to tell him that Denis was getting some proposals from european teams and that he wanted to look at them. The GM asked if there was anything he could do to accommodate him, like trade him to a championship contender, but the truth is that if Kamaev came back to play another year in North America, it didn’t mean he could have a future there, but if he stayed to play in Europe, he could get more visibility.

The team tried to negotiate with him to stay here, but the deadline was last Friday for every team to submit to the CHL the list of european players with the team. If the Phoenix kept his name with the team, Sherbrooke would not have been allowed to select at the CHL Import draft on July 3rd. So the team released Kamaev in order to maintain their draft pick.

Denis Kamaev will once again be available at the 2013 CHL Import draft, but he clearly specified to the teams that he had no intention to come back in the CHL, and that his plan was to report to the CSKA in Moscow.



For what concerns the Import draft, Charbonneau specified that his choice (72th pick) was not very high, and this makes it very difficult to see what is going to be available. The team has a list of about 20 candidates that they want, but one thing is almost certain: the Sherbrooke Phoenix will go for a forward.